minibar at Rotaract Club of Baku meeting

March 19th, 2009

    rotaracton 19th March Samir Yahyazade made minbar for members of Rotaract Club of Baku at Diplomat Hotel.

    Samir gave information about Barcamp Caspian 2009 and invited members of Rotaract to participate and present their club at Barcamp meeting.

    miniBar at Baku State University

    March 14th, 2009

    On 14th of March we made MiniBar at Baku State University, Rashad Aliyev and Adil Aliyev gave brief information about Barcamp Caspian 2009.

    After brief information about Barcamp Samir Yahyazade made presentation on topic Azerbaijan Internet and Medicine.

    MiniBar at Economical University

    March 13th, 2009

    On the threshold of Barcamp Caspian 2009, MiniBars in the Azerbaijanian Universities are going on. The last one was held at the State Economics University of Azerbaijan. During the event participants were informed about what is Barcamp, its international history and its goals. Organizers also provided participants with last year Barcamp Azerbaycan outcomes. At the end of presentation participants got answers to their questions about Barcamp.
    In the frame of “Barcamp Caspian 2009” propaganda, we continue organizing MiniBars at Universities. One of the next minibars was held on 13th March at 11:30 at Azerbaijan State Economical University. Minibar was coordinated by Xuraman Əmiraslanova ( Special Talents Group).

    We gave brief information about purpose and history of Barcamp. Also there was discussion about the positive results of “Barcamp Azerbaijan” which was organized last year. At  the end of meeting the questions of the listeners were answered.

    MiniBar at Qafqaz University

    February 27th, 2009

    qafqaz_01We have hold next MiniBar for Qafqaz Univery students which BarCamp will be held. Attendees was consist of teachers and students. MiniBar was very interesting for everyone who were attending event. A lot information was given about Barcamp Caspian, and organizer explained a lot of information about how good oppurtinuties can BarCamp provide for you. Also information was given about BarCamp Azerbaijan that was held in Lenkeran last year. Organizers empasized on importance of helding BarCamp and attending to this conference.

    At the end of MiniBar Vahid Qasimov made presentation “Be First” and ended with questions of students and teachers

    See you in next MiniBars

    Upcoming Minibar

    February 25th, 2009

    This week as a progress of Barcamp Caspain we will have new MiniBar at Qafqaz University. Detailed information will be given to students and teachers of Qafqaz University on 26th February.MiniBar Qafqaz University will be moderated by Sevil İmanova which is teacher of Endustrail Engineering and board member of Technology Club. We have to empasize that BarcampCaspian will be held at Qafqaz University.

    We will continue to make Minibars until Barcamp and each time we will afford to give all detailed information about BarcampCaspian. We will be very happy to see you in our Minibars

    Sumgait MiniBar

    February 22nd, 2009

    Sumgait MinicampWe are  happy to anounce that our first MiniCamp was held in one of the big cities of Azerbaijan, in Baku. In Minicamp representatives of Ministry Of Education, Youth Social Union participated. Detailed information was given to participitants by Rashad Aliyev ( Barcamp Representative )  and Eyvaz Qocayev ( IT specialist of Potential Sumgait Specialists Union )

    In presentation also Aytekin Aliyeva was presenting IATP.

    We should remind you that Barcamp Caspian will be held at the end of March 27-29 in Qafqaz University. It will be first non-official conference that will be held in Azerbaijan

    Sumgait MiniCamp

    February 17th, 2009

    Minibar - Sumgait

    Minibar - Sumgait

    We are preparing for Barcamp Caspian 2009 so out next MiniCamp will be held in Sumgait, in conference room of  Sumgait Specialists. MiniCamp will be held on 21th of February.

    The event is prepared by Eyvaz Qocayev from Sumgait, and event will helded by Rashad Aliyev.

    In this event participatants will get more information about Barcamp Caspian 2009 and invitations will be given.




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