Registration Started

March 27th, 2009

Registration started at Barcamp Office, you can also get tickets there.

All about presentations

March 27th, 2009

Ok. It¬タルs time to say some important words about presentation which are going to be held at Barcamp Caspian.

Presentation groups will work all Saturday, 28th of March at Qafqaz University.

At the beginning of the day all participants who want to present their project should write their names, surnames and topics on a peace of paper. Then groups will be formed and presentations will start. In fact, one speech should be up to 20 minutes 10 minutes for discussion.

Presentation should include the most useful and practical information, real examples, problems arising and their solutions. Tell us success stories about how you started, what mistakes you made and what helped out.

Be well-prepared, inspired and enthusiastic, not as a mummy.

Your presentations shouldn¬タルt contain new and interesting information with no water and unnecessary words and, of course, there is no commercial character.

We hope our concise recommendations will help you! 😉

Important! Attention for all attenders

March 26th, 2009

27 March is general registration for all attenders, you don’t need to visit Qafqaz University. Registration will be at the office of Barcamp at the address Asef Zeynalli 11, Iceriseher.

You can also get party tickets at the time of registration.

Party Tickets are available

March 26th, 2009

Dear participants from Azerbaijan, party tickets are available, you can get them from our office at Asef Zeynalli 11, Icherisheher.

Event Time and Date

27 march at 20.00ᅡᅠ HALF WAY INN Club
(28 May st. 6 (Near Nizami cinema)

Barcampers in our office!!!

March 26th, 2009

First participants of BarCamp Caspian

March 25th, 2009

Arrival time has started and first international participants have already come to the Barcamp Caspian 2009. In fact, it starts with arrival of participants from Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to Baku airport on 25th March at 20:30. Then early in the morning of 26 March guests from Ukraine were also met. Now we are waiting for the guests from Georgia and Norway.

Thanks Hyundai for the Transportation help.

schwag from wordpress

March 25th, 2009

wordpressDuring the preparation part of Barcamp Caspian 2009 we¬タルve got information that WordPress team supports us and we are really happy to hear this. Unfortunately there are no representatives of WordPress participating in Barcamp Caspian 2009 due to time deadlines but they¬タルve sent us their accessories.

Once again, we¬タルd like to thank the WordPress team and Maya for their kindly support.

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March 25th, 2009

27 March – Arrival&Preparing day

12.00 ¬タモ 18.00 Registration @ BarCamp HO, (Absheron Gallery, Azef Zeynalli st. 11/1)

14:00 ¬タモ Baku city trips. Place: Old city, City center, museums, national park, etc (with special guides, in 3-4 groups)

20:00 ¬タモ Opening Party. Place @ Half Way Inn (28 May st. 6 (Near Nizami cinema)

28 March – Presentations ( @ Qafqaz University)

9.00 ¬タモ 10:30 Registration

10.30 ¬タモ 11:00 Opening

11.30 ¬タモ 12.00 – sessions 1 (4 auditoriums)

12.10 ¬タモ12.40 – sessions 2

12.50 ¬タモ13.20 – sessions 3

13.30 ¬タモ14.00 – sessions 4

14.10 ¬タモ14.40 – sessions 5

14.50 ¬タモ15.20 – sessions 6

15.30 ¬タモ16.00 – sessions 7

16.10 ¬タモ16.40 – sessions 8

16.50 ¬タモ17.20 – sessions 9

17.30 ¬タモ18.00 – sessions 10

20:00 ¬タモ Party & Marty. ( will be announced)

29 March – Specials (Qafqaz University)

10:00 ¬タモ11:00 ¬タモ Internet Communication System of Azerbaijan by Rahid Alekberli (excursion to Delta Telecom HQ)

11.40 ¬タモ 13.30 ¬タモ Special sessions

13.30 ¬タモ 14.00 ¬タモ Lunch Time

14.00 ¬タモ 15.00 ¬タモ Special Sessions

15:00 ¬タモ 16:00 ¬タモ BarCamp World-Wide (upcoming barcamps)

16:00 ¬タモ Closing Ceremony

20:00 ¬タモ After Party. ( will be announced)

Useful information

March 24th, 2009


  • In case of any emergency please do not hesitate to call this numbers:
    • Rashad:  50 6482737
    • Ilgar:  50 3285154
  • For more information about Baku you can check this URL:
  • Weather in Baku: Mainly windy. There will be 15, 17, 13C on 27-29 March dates.
  • Weather forecast:


  • 1 USD ~ 0.8 AZN (More information:
  • You must use only the Azerbaijan Manat in Shops, Cafes & other places.
  • You can change your money (USD or EUR) in exchange points of Baku.
  • Currency change points called “EXCHANGE”.


  • The bus fee is standart 20 gepik (0.2 AZN)
  • The long ways may be 30 or 50 gepik.
  • The working day of buses in the center of city ends at 10pm.
  • On subway you have to use plastic cards.
  • 1 plastic card costs 2 AZN, you can return the card when you will leave and take back your 2 AZN.
  • 1 departure is 5 cent (0.05 AZN) Note: Baku underground is the cheapest in the word.
  • The scheme of Baku Metropolitan –
  • The subway is working from 6:00am to 12:00pm.
  • You must agree the price before you take a taxi.
  • Taxies working the whole day.
  • From 20 January metro station you can go to Neapol Hotel by taxi for 4-6 AZN.
  • The buses to Caucasus University .
    • 3-5 min walk from Neapol Hotel
    • From Nizami metrostation take a bus #140.
    • From III Mikrarayon take a bus #325.
    • From Bayil take a bus #120.
    • From 20 January metrostation take a bus #157.


Useful Numbers:

  • Airport:  12 4972727
  • Railway station:  12 4939366
  • Bus station:  12 4997039
  • ᅣᄚnformation services: 109
  • Emergency: 112
  • Fire station: 101
  • Ambulance: 103


  • There are 3 cell operators in Azerbaijan: Azercell, Bakcell, Nar Mobile (Azerfon)
  • Azercell
    • Prefix: 050, 051 ( 50,  51)
    • Site:
    • Average SIM card cost: 5 AZN (price depends on dealers)
    • Document needed for purchase – (For foreing guests): Temporary identification; Diplomatᅣᄆc passport
    • Top-up and unit credits: 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 AZN top-up cards available.
    • The price of text messages is 11 units
    • Calling abroad:
      – Europe, USA and other countries 1 sec – 3 units.
      – Iran & Turkey 1 sec ¬タモ 3 units
      – CIS and Baltic countries 1 sec 2 units

  • Nar mobile
    • Prefix: 070 ( 70)
    • Site:
    • Average SIM card cost: 5 AZN (price depends on dealers)
    • Document needed for purchase – (For foreing guests): Temporary identification; Diplomatᅣᄆc passport
    • Top-up and unit credits: 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 AZN top-up cards available.
    • The price of text messages is 10 gepik
    • Calling abroad:
      • Rengareng Zovqler tariff:
        – Russia, CIS & Baltic countries: 1 min = 0.60/0.40AZN
        – Europe, Iran ,Turkey: 1 min = 1.00/0.80AZN
      • Yakhshᅣᄆ khabar tariff:
        – Russia, CIS & Baltic countries 1 min = 0.40AZN
        – Europe, Iran, Turkey 1 min = 0.45AZN;
        – Others 1 min = 0.55AZN

      • Magsada Dougroo tariff:
        – Russia, CIS & Baltic countries 1 min = 0.40/0.30AZN;
        – Europe, Iran ,Turkey 1 min = 0.45/0.35AZN
        – Others: 1 min = 0.55/0.45 AZN
  • Bakcell
    • Prefix: 055 ( 55)
    • Site:
    • Average SIM card cost: “Jin Card” (Pay&Go) 5 AZN, “Klass” (Pay monthly) 24 AZN
    • Document needed for purchase – (For foreing guests): Temporary identification; Diplomatᅣᄆc passport
    • Top-up and unit credits: 1, 2, 6, 10 and 20 AZN top-up cards available
    • 1 sms : 12 units
    • Call prices to foreing countries:
      • – Europe, America 1 sec = 5 units

Registration is continuing and our program was updated! / Qeydiyyat davam edir və tədbirin proqramı yenilənmişdir!

March 21st, 2009

Our reimbursement program is over, but registration still goin on! Everyone who is interested in BarCamp Caspian 2009 can register on our site and join us! Online registration is free, and the only requirement is to have interest in Information Technologies and be with us on 27-29 March!

BTW, our schedule updated and for cheking updates please go to schedule.

Information for attenders from Azerbaijan / Az￉ルrbaycandan olan iᅤ゚tirakᅢ댜ᄆlarᅣᄆn diqq￉ルtin￉ル

ᅣᄚnformasiya Texnologiyalarᅣᄆ, ᅣᄚnternet v￉ル Mᅢᄐasir Media il￉ル maraqlanan h￉ルr bir ᅤ゚￉ルxs BarCamp Caspian 2009-a qoᅤ゚ula bil￉ルr v￉ル bunun ᅢ태대ᄐn saytᅣᄆmᅣᄆzda qeydiyyatdan keᅢᄃm￉ルk kifay￉ルtdir! Qeydiyyat 27-￉ル kimi davam ed￉ルc￉ルkdir! ᅣᄚᅤ゚tirak pulsuzdur v￉ル yegan￉ル t￉ルl￉ルb konfrans mᅢᄊvzularᅣᄆna maraᅣ゚ᅣᄆn olmasᅣᄆdᅣᄆr!

Diqq￉ルt! Konfransᅣᄆn proqramᅣᄆ yenil￉ルnmiᅤ゚dir – proqramᅣᄆn detallarᅣᄆ il￉ル tanᅣ먜゚ olmaq ᅢ태대ᄐn schedule bᅢᄊlm￉ルsin￉ル daxil olun.



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